Why we are?

HQ-database.com is the largest company headquarters database on the internet. This resource contains information about every corporate headquarters in America and worldwide, including address, website, and phone number. The database also includes a list of companies with their HQs outside of the US for reference purposes. It's an excellent tool to help you get in contact with any corporation or organization that interests you!

What is HQ-database.com?

HQ-database is a simple and easily searchable online database of company headquarters that serves as the Internet's largest corporate contact database. The HQ database can help you find out information about any corporation and how to contact their corporate offices without spending hours searching through Google and other search engines. You can also use it as an address directory for personal or commercial use, but do not copy any of the contents of HQ-database.com for resale or redistribution!

How does it work?

HQ-Database is a free service that allows users to search through the company information and contact details from all 50 states in the US, as well as Puerto Rico and Canada. Our website allows you to find companies by name, city, state/province, zip code, or numerical part thereof - including any combination of those elements. The results are sorted by relevance so that you can easily identify a particular company using a keyword rather than having to scroll through many pages of links.

The benefits of using HQ-database.com

The first benefit is speed and accuracy. HQ-Database allows users to choose between using a simple keyword search or entering the company name, state, zip code, etc. All searches are then conducted simultaneously in an automated process that not only gives accurate results but also does so in record time.

Another benefit of HQ-database is the ease of use and universal access.

Accessing our database is easy and enables users with both smartphones and standard computers to search through the database at any time from anywhere with Internet connectivity. No matter what kind of device you use to access our site we guarantee that you will be able to easily search information on companies: Provided you know which data is necessary for your case! We developed-Database with convenience in mind.

The cost to use the service

HQ-Database.com is totally free to use, however, this service is not without cost. The cost for running HQ-Database.com depends on the number of requests created by users and the amount of storage needed to serve those requests. To maintain our business model we use affiliate marketing which enables us to keep our service free.

We offer an option that lets you remove selected ads from within the database results. The removal of all advertisements is also possible; however, it requires payment.


What is company headquarters?

Every company's financial and operating information is contained in a document called Form 10-K which contains all the relevant data for investors. Form 10-K is an annual filing submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It includes comprehensive information about a company's business, organization, management, properties, prospects, and history among other things. The headquarters address is located at the end of Form 10-K in what we call Exhibit 21 - Business Description. This section has basically three components: 1) Legal name and style of doing business 2) Principal place of business 3) The mailing address

What does HQ mean?

HQ stands for Headquarters or Head Quarters which is where senior executives manage their businesses from usually located at "corporate" office.

What is the difference between corporate office and headquarters?

While the corporate office is the official legal name of the business, Head Quarters (HQ) is just a synonym for it and is mostly used in spoken language.

What happens when we say "corporate" location?

This usually means that the company has more than one HQs or branch and this "corporate" reference is one of them. We will be discussing what could go wrong if you do not specify enough details about the corporate address when filing an annual report with SEC Form 10-K later on in this website.

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